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Del Lingo M&A Expert Business Certified Appraisals

Del Lingco M&A offers expertise in the valuation of closely held corporations, partnerships, professional practices, proprietorships and limited liability companies. We translate the complex technical and legal aspects of business valuation and economic analysis into documentation that is understandable and defensible.

What is a business valuation?

A Del Lingco International Mergers and Acquisitions business valuation is an approximate 50 page written report used to determine the fair market value of a business that a buyer could reasonably be expected to pay, and a seller could reasonably be expected to accept, if the business were exposed for sale on the open market for a reasonable period of time, both buyer and seller being in possession of the pertinent facts, and neither being under compulsion to act.

Why are valuations done?

A business valuation may be needed to determine the fair market value to sell a business, buy a business or a minority interest in a business, ESOP or key employee stock options, to settle disputes or estates, to meet lenders demands or to simply keep management informed as to the worth of the company.

What information is needed for a valuation?

Del Lingco M&A uses tax returns and/or financial statements on the business for up to 5 years, in-depth interviews with the owners or shareholders, a complete list of all assets and liabilities and any and all information concerning the business, the overall health of the industry, and the operating results as well as it’s anticipated growth.

How is this information used?

The basis of any valuation is the analysis and the reconstruction of business earnings, the assessment of current fair market value of the business assets and reasonable conclusion as to the future viability of the business. As the final step in the valuation process, the various values as estimated through application of several different methods of valuation are compared, factors and circumstances pertinent to each of the individual value estimates are reviewed, and a final figure or range of figures is then selected that best represents what is considered to be the best estimate as to the final value of the business. It should be noted that of the series of approaches to value that are considered, some methods and approaches are more useful than others based on the particulars of the business being valued.

Dominick Caravella, III

  • Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker
  • Registered by the Texas State Securities Board
  • Board Certified Broker, BCB
  • Business Certified Appraiser, BCA
  • Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser, CMEA
  • Senior Business Analyst, ISBA
  • 40+ year Veteran Business Broker
  • Past State President of Texas Association of Business Brokers, TABB
  • Dominick Caravella is the Tenth Term and Immediate Past President of the Houston Chapter of Texas Association of Business Brokers, TABB

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